About Innoviopapers

We combine knowledge, experience and technology to create sustainable paper solutions that are innovative, clever and exciting. This way, our paper is more than just sustainable… it also has a high quality look and feel, can be used in countless applications for technical and packaging challenges, can be coated with dozens of different coatings in multiple layers and can be impressed with images as if it were a glossy magazine. Above all, in response to the markets needs, we can make it all under one roof. Because we see more than paper. We see possibilities. Who we are?

Can you imagine
countless applications
for packaging challenges?

OUR Packaging papers

Packaging is so much more than just a wrapper, protective case or cardboard box. That’s why InnovioPapers combines multiple features – such as an excellent print surface, lightweight strength and functional coatings – to create a sustainable, low-coast and attractive packaging solutions. Using advanced equipment and decades of know-how, InnovioPapers produces a set of fully bleached virgin fibre liners in low basis weights targeting primarily the growing sector of micro corrugating, which will in many cases replace traditional solid board packaging.

Can you imagine
paper coated with
dozens of functional layers?

Our technical papers

A lightweight, strong paper with a smooth print surface has numerous possibilities. Add different kinds of laminating and coating techniques in multiple layers, and these possibilities become literally endless:  we enable surface optimisation on both sides of the substrate independently. Our integrated double sided film coater and single sided blade coaters enable us to develop surface properties necessary to deliver excellent printing properties in offset, flexo and gravure printing. If additional smoothness or gloss is required, two offline supercalanders can be integrated into the finishing process.

Can you imagine
a car made with
paper components?

Our speciality papers

Specialty papers is all about true innovation, on demand tailor made solutions and working together in an open collaboration with stakeholders, designers and customers. If you are looking for a sustainable, clever and practical solution for any challenge, we provide the answer through intensive corporation to push innovation in the value chain. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce the desired solution fast, in small series and with constant quality.

Above all, our paper solutions can be produced fast and from just one location.

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